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We are BoxBox. We are offering Storage & Logistics for more affordable prices.

Here at boxbox its easy to rent out your own garage quickly and get easy and fast money through our p2p platform
Easy and quick way to start making money is to list your property through BoxBox and start earning your passive revenue from unused space. While you save earth, you make money!

Our story

Everything started in 2016. when our grandparents were ready to live in a smaller property, they found out that their ordinary options for moving was to pay five times the price because of the time-frame and competition. While they moved to a smaller living space they needed to use their company's storage options.
They were forced to pay 379€ for 8m² - It enraged us that this monopoly was able to enrich over pensioners who were retired.

After hearing about this situation we rented out a storage hall that was roughly 100m² and rented out the other 92m² to our friends and family for to cover our grandparents moving costs. We immediately noticed that others had the same problem and started to offer it as a full-time service.

Roll into the year 2021 we have developed a whole infrastructure based on P2P so others wouldn't have to impoverish their own bank account through old monopolies that have been controlling the Storage and Logistics industry for centuries. While providing the opportunity to ordinary people balance their bills with renting out their unused property.

How we create value?

Offer people more efficient usage of property & lower prices for customers

Get Online Valuation

We assist with valuation of a property to calculate the potential monthly revenue as a real estate owner. Offering experts who are regionally top-notch in their expertise.

Earn Passive Revenue

Here at BoxBox we offer an excellent opportunity for people who have an extra room for boxes in their basement or garage that they don't fully use.

Find the Best Location

To ensure most efficient business life or personal storage, choose from 1000+ locations in metropolitan areas and save money by picking property through us.

Increase Your Property Price

Using BoxBox to rent out your unused Garage, Driveway, Shed or Basement it makes your property more valuable to potential buyers in the future.

Efficient Usage of Space

The construction industry is a large contributor to CO2 emissions, with new buildings responsible for 40% of the total EU energy consumption. - We can cut it in half.

Find Areas Near You

Our mission is to make everything more efficient. Build highly efficient storage in metropolitan areas. Increased revenue flow and less transportation benefits environment.

Meet the team

People behind BoxBox

Frequently asked questions

If You can't find right answers in our FAQ, contact us through our forms below.

How can I build equity into my property?

Thanks to our platform we are able to increase the value of the property by renting out vacant spaces. That rental money can be used to reinvest into the property by renovations, easier access or paying off mortgage faster.
Thanks to our innovative methods and technology we are able to increase profits and revenue of individuals and bigger companies that want to generate more money and long-term wealth by making properties more efficient.

Who is eligible to rent out their property on BoxBox?

At this very stage of the community we handpick and verify all the hosts individually and selectively pick the properties that we allow on the platform to ensure users high quality of properties. In order to be qualified we need You to contact us directly through our e-mail. (We are developing an automated version of registering and getting approved through AI-Technology - It's in Beta stage)                                   Last Updated: 23. Sept 2021

What is included in properties square meter?

Every property is different and the ads listed on our platform have enough details to fully satisfy the most urgent and important questions. if somethings aren't listed in full detail for security and privacy reasons then they should be discussed privately with hosts after being verified account here on BoxBox platform.

What is a rental commitment letter?

A fixed-term tenancy agreement (määräaikainen vuokrasopimus) means that the tenant and the landlord agree upon conclusion of the tenancy agreement when the agreement will end. A fixed-term tenancy agreement will automatically end on the date specified in the agreement without separate notice. If you wish to continue staying in the dwelling after this, you need to make a new tenancy agreement.

What is maximum rental income tax-free?

All rental income and all the expenses that relate to it must be reported. You must report the amounts even if you don’t have to pay any tax after the expenses have been deducted. Rental income is treated as capital income, taxed at the tax rate in force. - This is stated by Vero.fi

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